Current Leadership

Leadership of the International Sea Turtle Society is comprised of an Executive Committee headed by the President, a Board of Directors (BoD), and a number of dedicated committees. Future leaders are elected by the Executive Committee and members of the Society as defined by its By-Laws and Constitution.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are ex officio members of the Board of Directors.

Kellie Pendoley (Australia)


Diego Amorocho (Colombia)


Ken Lohmann (USA)

Past President

Nicholas Blume (USA)


Manjula Tiwari (USA & India)


Board of Directors

The BoD comprises ten elected members, each elected from regular members of the Society for a term of five years. Former Presidents of the Society shall be members of the BoD for three years past their Presidency term. All meetings of the BoD are open to all members of the Society.

Felix Moncada (Cuba)

– 2022

Marc Girondot (France)

– 2022

Richard Reina (Australia)

– 2023

Andres Estrades (Uruguay)

– 2023

Neca Marcovaldi (Brazil)

– 2024

Marco García Cruz (Venezuela)

– 2024

Sandra Hochschied (Italy)

– 2025

Daniela Freggi (Italy)

– 2025

Stephen Dunbar (USA)

– 2025